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Welcome to Beckley, join us in promoting local shows and talent in the City of Beckley and surrounding areas of West Virginia.

This site is intended for two things;

  1. Music lovers to hear new music, go out and enjoy local shows…
  2. And as a tool for Musicians to help promote their music.

Here you’ll find some amazing musicians of Beckley and surrounding areas along with links to their music and links to the Venus they play in Beckley. All musicians are welcome, we’re not biased against any style of music. We’ll be featuring several artists with links to their website, photos, videos, upcoming events and even reviews. We offer contacts to book shows in Beckley and promotional material. (See the “DIY” link above)

“Music’s the medicine of the mind.”  ~John A. Logan

If you are interested in helping out your fellow musician in any way, design, video or any other services, let us know and we’ll post your link and information on our page. Just click the “Contact Us” and send us everything we’ll need.

“When words leave off, music begins.”  ~Heinrich Heine

About the music player; the songs listed on the player are direct links to YouTube audio, so if you have another song you’d like to share let us know and send us a link of your YouTube clip.

Add your band. If you like to be listed in the “Bands” section, it’s free, click “Contact Us” and send us your contact name or band name and link to your website or social media page  and we’ll have it posted up within a few days. Also if you have any ideas, site suggestions or stories you’d like to share on the site, “Contact Us” and let us know!

Thank you.

- Joel B.

Beckley West Virginia Music Scene – Beckley's Nightlife | DIY Tips, Venue Directory, Booking and Promotions
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